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Styles of Acupuncture



The basis of all acupuncture is rooted in the philosophy that everything is connected and that disease in the body arises from a disharmony in the flow of energy of the body and its organs.


TCM follows the Chinese belief that meridians are energetic pathways that run through the body and are connected by a series of points that are used to treat various conditions.


There are 8 meridians are named after the organs that they connect to. There are also 4 other meridians that connect the front, back and middle of the body. Beyond that there are several special meridians that also use points from the main meridians to treat other conditions.


There are also some very specific special points that are completely separate but very helpful to include in a treatment.


The purpose of traditional Chinese medicine is to bring the body back into alignment, and then consequently the body is able to heal itself.



Based on the work for Dr. Mark Seem, founder of Tristate College of Acupuncture, APM is a style that draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine and its meridians while assessing the physical musculature of the body as well as some mental emotional issues.

Dr. Seem studied the work of Dr. Janet Travell and her research on trigger point therapy. These blockages in the muscles can cause significant issues and once the muscle is released healing happens on many different levels.


These treatments are so effective that they can often stand alone and provide incredible relief for the patient immediately.



This style of Japanese acupuncture based on the reflexes of the body, is a subtle but incredibly effective form of acupuncture. Based on the notion that a healthy body lies in a health “Hara” or abdomen, this style of acupuncture clears the obstructions of the abdomen and other areas in an attempt to heal constitutional health issues.


Rather than constantly trying to treat just the symptom of the condition, Kiiko’s work looks to heal the body on a deep and sustainable level so that the patient can get to the root of the issue.


This style is an incredible tool for dealing with chronic issues, as well as very complex health issues and is also great for those who are very sensitive to stimulation.

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