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Natural and Effective Treatment for All Types of Infertility 

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Our approach is simple and works well with either  a 100% natural method or a medically assisted conception (IUI/IVF) and adds the individual care and specific treatment that your body needs.

Some Common Fertility Issues:

  • Unexplained infertility

  • Miscarriage 

  • Multiple miscarriage 

  • Years of trying 

  • IVF/IUI Support 

  • Stress

  • Emotional support during pregnancy

  • Drug free inducing 

  • Healthy pregnancy

  • Easy Delivery 

  • Emotional toll of pregnancy 

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Post conception bleeding

  • Irregular cycle 

  • Mood issues  

  • Post Partum issues 

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me and learn more. 


  Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

A comprehensive approach

We know that issues with fertility can be really challenging, frustrating, intimidating, emotional and often feel scary. Whether its been years of fruitless trying, many expensive methods that are hard on the body, or feeling like something is wrong with the body's system, all of these can add up to a deep frustration and despair when it comes to creating the family that many have always longed for. 

Our approach is simple and works well with a 100% natural method or within the frame work of a medically assisted conception (IUI or IVF). We are here to support you on your journey. 

Using acupuncture, nutritional guidance, specific supplements, and mind body techniques which then help balance your hormones, organs and tissues. These therapies will help make deep but meaningful changes and thus support the body, making it easier and more natural process to conceive and carry a baby to term. 

Our Process Includes: 

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Doing a detailed intake so we can see what exactly is happening with you and what the status of your health is currently, your whole health history and how to get the body ready for conception. 

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Create a customized and very specific plan using 100% natural medicine including key supplements and some simple dietary changes that takes all the guesswork out of this process and make you feel supported. 

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Begin weekly acupuncture treatments with the goal of helping the body to get ready to conceive. Following the plan of any other medical treatments that you might be on.

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Once conception has been achieved, continue care to ensure optimal health and well being. Also once the baby is due, helping achieve an easy and less stressful delivery.

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Post baby delivery, ensuring patient health so that hormones balance properly and the body can get back to its normal healthy state more easily. 

We help you help you get your body into an ideal state for conception using a unique and powerful combination of specialized acupuncture techniques, simple dietary adjustments, key whole food supplements, self care and mindful refocusing of the body’s patterns and habits.

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me and learn more. 


  Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Common Questions and Answers 

Does it hurt? 

The needles are very fine, the width of a human hair and are designed to work so well as to not cause pain. 

Do the treatments take a long time?

We understand that everyone is busy and have full lives. Our treatments are efficient and usually once or twice a week depending on your cycle, etc.


Do you give dietary recommendations?

Of course! You will receive guidance to get your body in a healthy state so that its easier to conceive. We will also recommend some supplements that will support you in this process. 

Does Acupuncture Help with Fertility?

Absolutely. Acupuncture improves circulation to the uterus and ovaries, reduces stress, and improves the relationship between the nervous system and the endocrine system. 

When should I expect to see results? 

People have often seen results in as little as several weeks and up to several months. Everyone is different and the time line varies on their health and conditions.  

What are my chances of success? 

Every situation is unique and once we meet with you, we can see what our best estimate of time and outcome possibilities. 

Here's How We Help So  Many Women: Proven Personalized Holistic Medical Care

Acupuncture close up


Acupuncture is incredibly effective at reducing 

inflammation, combat stress, promotes healing and balances hormones naturally, and with more lasting effects.

Herbal Medicine

Functional Medicine

Targeted nutritional 


supplemental guidance to help the body more alkaline and better prepared for conception.  

Meditating in Mountains

Meditation And Visualization

Helps calm the mind and nervous system so that the body can get into an ideal place to conceive. 

A friend of mine told me about the good work Colette has done for him in the past so I wanted to try it out for myself. I’ve been have  knee pain and joint pain for over 6months. I even went to physical therapy but nothing seemed to work. After the first session I noticed that I felt looser and also slept better that night. After a few session in a matter of three months my knees stop making squeaky sounds. I mention to Colette that my husband and I were also trying to have another baby for the past two years. Colette introduces me to her fertility sessions. After two session I become pregnant. Beside the session Colette also introduced me to cleansing products that helped my body and mind.


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Colette brings love and light into her work as an acupuncturist. I was seeking support around infertility and she lovingly listened when I needed a shoulder to cry on and was my partner in crime when I needed a good laugh to get through the trauma of infertility.  She is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about many, many things and a well informed and intuitive practitioner.  She will also find out from her trusted network of professionals whatever she happens not to know which empowered me to be open and to trust completely. Best of all, she loves her work with every fiber of her strong being. She will become the one person you count on for support without an ounce of worry because you just trust that she cares about you and knows exactly what to do to make you feel safe and secure as she helps you find healing.  I really believe the treatments and support I received from Colette are the reason I am expecting a baby this June. 


*Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors. 

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me and learn more. 


  Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

About the Practitoner: 

Colette Sible, MS,L.Ac


Colette is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of New York specializing in women's health.  She graduated from Tristate College of Acupuncture with Honors in 2016. Colette studied Anthropology and French at Tulane University in New Orleans, spent 12 years as an actor, receiving her MFA from University of California, San Diego. She then spent 7 years working in the banking industry before embarking on a career as an acupuncturist. Colette is caring, thorough and committed to helping her patients heal. She comes from a family rooted in a holistic approach to health with training in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and nutritional education. Colette believes in an integrated approach to health and encourages her patients to be open to all forms of medicine to help them heal and live their best lives possible. 

Office Location: 
The York Clinic - 14 Harwood Ct. Suite 215, Scarsdale, NY 10583 ​

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me and learn more. 


  Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Special note for Covid 19: If you are not comfortable coming into the office for your free consultation, we are happy to do it via Zoom. Simply let us know your preference when scheduling it. 

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