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Menopause Treatment 

100 % Natural Treatment for the symptoms of Menopause. 

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While some women make it through the transition of menopause without any major issues, others may suffer some or even many symptoms that can interrupt their quality of life and add a lot of stress to an already challenging time.


Anything ranging from hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, insomnia, joint pain, weight gain, to mood swings, memory issues, and lethargy, we can help manage and even eliminate these symptoms all without the use of drugs and or extreme diets and lifestyle changes. 

Our natural menopause treatment includes acupuncture, natural supplements, nutritional guidance, as well as mind body work. Acupuncture is incredibly effective for relieving the symptoms of menopause and helps reduce inflammation, combat stress, promotes healing and balances hormones naturally. In addition simple supplements added to your daily diet can dramatically aid in the reduction of symptoms altogether. 

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me and learn more. 


  Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Symptoms relieved by our therapies: 



​Hot Flashes                      Lethargy                Low Libido

Irritability                         Insomnia                Lack of energy

Weight Gain                    Depression             Anxiety

Mood Swings                   Night Sweats          Brain Fog

Why our treatment works for women: 

  • We use a natural approach and treat the root cause that a doctor doesn't usually consider                               

  • We get to the base issue which then resolves many symptoms                                                                  

  • We help awaken the body's natural healing system        

  • We keep it simple and make the process easy to understand and to execute so the body heals faster        

  • We focus on how you feel and adjust so that every symptom gets included in the process

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me in person to learn more. 

Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions. 

Our Process: 

1) Free Initial Consultation:

Assess and get clarity on your exact problem

At your free initial consultation we will discuss exactly what is going on with you and your symptoms, review your basic history, and consider the best options for your specific case. You can tell me what your goals are and we can see if our plan would be a good fit for what you need. 

2) Detailed intake and review of medical history to develop a specific treatment plan

After the free consult, if you agree to move forward, we will create a personalized treatment plan for you. We will take a detailed look at your medical history and pertinent symptoms that you would like to resolve and make a specific plan that address your issues immediately. 

At this time you will also have your first acupuncture treatment and be given a plan that will help address all the needs of your situation. Dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions that will help your symptoms will be clearly mapped out with easy to follow with instructions. 

3) Treatment and Symptom resolution 

We will follow your treatment plan based on your specific needs and set up once a week appointments (more if your symptoms are severe). You will have acupuncture at every treatment and also assessing how the diet and lifestyle changes  are supporting your plan. Your treatments should result in: 

  • Reduced/Elimination of Hot Flashes

  • No longer having Night Sweats

  • Sleeping through the night 

  • More mentally focused

  • More Emotionally Balanced 

*This list is not exhaustive and can be adjusted to reflect your goals. ​

4) Transition to maintenance as things are stabilized

Once your symptoms have resolved or stabilized we can reduce the number and frequency of visits. This usually occurs after about 8-10 visits depending on your situation. Then you can come every other week and then once a month and then only for maintenance if needed. You can always come back in for a follow up should something happen or to address other health issues. 

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet me in person to learn more. 

Or call 917-770-9107 and I will be happy to answer your questions. 

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